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Dentist for Periodontal Disease in Easley, SC

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, happens when the gums become infected. With proper treatment early on, you can help offset damage and prevent the disease from progressing. If you have gum disease, it’s important to take swift action so it doesn’t advance. 

Understanding Gum Disease

Periodontal disease is an infection of the soft tissue in your mouth, the gums. It’s caused by plaque, a form of bacteria, that has built up on the teeth due to lack of good dental hygiene. When plaque builds up and hardens, tartar forms. Once it gets to this level, you have to seek dental care as brushing and flossing at home will not remove tartar like they can plaque. 


The most common gum disease symptoms, according to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, are:

  • Bad breath that won’t go away
  • Red and swollen gum
  • Tender and bleeding gums
  • Painful chewing
  • Loose teeth
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Receding gums 

How Gum Disease is Diagnosed

Gum disease is diagnosed by your dentist in Easley, SC, who will look for a number of different signs to see how far your condition has developed. First, the dentist will ask for your medical history to learn if there are certain conditions or factors that could be putting you more at risk for gum disease. Certain conditions like diabetes, some types of medications, smoking, and hormones are all things that could be the cause of gum disease. 

Next, your dental team will examine your mouth to look for the obvious signs, like we mentioned above. Red, bleeding gums are often an indicator that a patient has gum disease. The dentist will also look for things it can be hard for people to see on their own, like excessive plaque and tartar buildup. During the exam, your dentist will measure the pocket depth using a dental problem to check for deep pockets, which can also signal gum disease. If there’s significant depth in the pockets, your dentist might have x-rays taken to look further into your severity of periodontitis. 

Treating Gum Disease

To treat gum disease, you’ll need to see your dentist. Every patient is different, and the level of disease you’re currently experiencing will determine the best course of action. If you’re in the early-to-moderate stages of gum disease, your dentist could suggest nonsurgical treatments. Mayo Clinic explains these treatments as:

  • Scaling: this will remove tartar and bacteria from your teeth and below the gumline.
  • Root planing: this will smooth the root surfaces, which discourages further buildup or bacteria and removes buildup that is contributing to the inflammation. 
  • Antibiotics: topical or oral antibiotics will help control an infection. 

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